• Clone the FutureSDR repository:
    git clone

Linux (Ubuntu 22.04)

  • Install Rust.
  • Optionally, install SoapySDR drivers:
    sudo apt install -y libsoapysdr-dev soapysdr-module-all soapysdr-tools


These instructions assume that you use Homebrew as package manager.

  • Install Rust.
  • Optionally, install SoapySDR: brew install soapysdr
  • Additional drivers are available in the Pothos Homebrew tap.

Apple Silicon: While rust works very well with aarch64-apple-darwin (Apple Silicon, i.e., M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, etc.), the rust compiler is not yet (as of May 2022) fully guaranteed to work, and cargo will by default compile to x86_64-apple-darwin and rely on Rosetta 2. However, if you have a x86_64-apple-darwin machine, the packages installed using Homebrew will by default be compiled for aarch64-apple-darwin, and therefore you need to compile FutureSDR for aarch64-apple-darwin as well. This can be done by specifying the --target aarch64-apple-darwin flag to cargo, e.g., cargo run --target aarch64-apple-darwin.


Visual Studio does not add its binaries and libraries to the PATH. Instead, it offers various pre-configured terminals that have a given toolchain available. Use the native toolchain for your system to build FutureSDR, e.g., x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2022.

For SoapySDR-based hardware drivers:

  • PothosSDR for pre-built SDR drivers. The installer offers to add the libraries to your PATH. Please do this.
  • Install bindgen dependencies.
  • Run volk_profile on the command line.

PothosSDR comes with many SoapySDR modules. Some of them require further software and services, which can cause issues when scanning for available devices. If you run into this issue, either (1) use a filter to specify the driver manually or (2) move the problematic library to a backup folder outside the search path. The libraries are, by default, at C:\Program Files\PothosSDR\lib\SoapySDR\modules0.8. If, for example, SDRplay or UHD causes issues, move sdrPlaySupport.dll or uhdSupport.dll to a backup folder.

All Platforms

To build the frontend:

  • Install npm.
  • Install the wasm32 toolchain: rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown.
  • Install wasm-pack: cargo install wasm-pack.
  • Build: cd frontend && npm install && make.